Manchester CIty confirms the parade plan to 3 championships.

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Manchester City confirm plans to parade 3 trophies across Manchester on Monday After Pep Guardiola’s team created a new history, beating Inter Milan 1-0 to win the UEFA Championship. Champions League successfully come to dominate

After the sailing team beat Inter Milan 1-0 at Aston Bull, the club immediately confirmed its plan to celebrate the 3 championships achieved this season. Manchester City is the second team in the history of English football. ทางเข้า ufabet

secured their fifth Premier League title in six years after Arsenal’s defeat to Nottingham Forest on May 20.

to win 3. Main Event Champion (Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League) to win successfully After Manchester United did in 1999,

“the team will return to Manchester on Sunday afternoon. in a dedicated Etihad Airways Boeing 797-9 Dreamliner,” the club said in a statement

. Manchester city center on Monday the 12th.”

As City still have two more trophies to fight for before the end of the season. No immediate plans have been made for a parade.

Their final game of the season, the 2023 Champions League finale against Inter Milan, will take place on June 10. It is likely that their parade will take place after this date to celebrate. All potential trophies won in one event.