Man Utd must hurry to sell Greenwood or pay his release clause.

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Manchester United have to either urgently find their club partners to sign Mason Greenwood, or they will have to pay his £8m release clause.

British media reveals Manchester United ‘s announcement of separation. From Mason Greenwood was really just a ‘hang on’, not yet a release clause. And the Red Devils will have to quickly find a partner club. To come and buy players to join the team urgently Or will have to pay compensation for tearing the contract to Greenwood, the amount is up to about 8 million pounds.

Greenwood has been banned from the club for not playing since January 2022 following an off-field lawsuit. Charged with attempted rape, imprisonment and forced to rape his girlfriend

Although the court acquitted him of all charges at the start of the year. Manchester United continued to hold the ban. along with an additional internal investigation

And after quite a lot of resistance from the fans, the Red Devils released a statement releasing Greenwood from the team in a manner “With approval from all parties”

However, the latest report from The Sun states that in fact. Between Manchester United and Greenwood, there are still outstanding issues and disagreements. The previous release was only a confirmation that “Won’t reuse” again. But it’s not like breaking the contract to be independent.

The Sun states that Manchester United must try to find a team that will take on the 21-year-old striker by the summer transfer deadline on Friday, September 1, or at the very least, let him go on loan. Otherwise, they will have to agree to tear up the contracts for the players according to regulations. This will require him to pay compensation to Greenwood in the amount of up to 8 million pounds. ufabet

Even though the inbound market of the Saudi Pro League It will remain open until September 20, but it is unclear if any clubs would be interested in Greenwood’s services, who have not played professional games in years.