Juventus watch out! ‘Saudi team’ raises wages 4 times as

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Juventus” until 2025 and even if this season has some ups and downs. Cutting points to finish 7th, but the board of directors discussed a conclusion to continue to control next season,

however, according to the latest reports, it may be Allegri who decided to leave the club himself. with a club from Saudi Arabia Ready to submit a wage of 28 million euros per season Let the owner of the Scudetto 6 times consider ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

the current 55-year-old team manager receiving wages with Juventus at 7 million euros per season. And the Saudi offer is about four times more,

the report claims the former AC Milan head coach will meet with the Saudi representatives in Monaco tomorrow to hear more details about the offer.

It is expected that if Allegri wants to go to Juventus, he will not stand in his way, having already targeted Igor Tudor and Antonio Conte. Two years ago, Allegri turned down Real Madrid

. And chose to stay at Juventus to be closer to family

Giovanni Brancini, Allegri’s agent, showed up in Istanbul to watch the final. The Champions League star was asked about the future of his client

. But he accepted. “

I don’t think there will be a big deal because both Allegri and Juventus have always been clear.

” Some of them posted online with the hashtag “We don’t want Allegri” until trending on Twitter in Saudi Arabia.

“This coach once said that if you want entertainment, go see a circus… He’s not a good fit for our team at all,” commented one club fan.

“Before we were linked with Luis Enrique and Julen Lopetegui, but now it’s Allegri… it’s like you negotiate with a striker. But in the end, the defender was signed.