Go out for a run forget your sadness. Can you help us?

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Go out for a run forget your sadness. Can you help us?

Q: Why are you sad? Some people turn to vigorous exercise. Some friends even successfully ran a marathon?

When we have problems, the first piece of advice is not to dwell on suffering. Take yourself out of your old environment first. If we compare it to the psychology of raising children, it’s when a child is upset. Take the child out of that area first, such as crying and wanting a toy. He quickly took him out of there. Then find something else to distract you. (distracting attention It’s not bribing with other things. Similarly, when you’re heartbroken, you don’t have to rush to find someone new to comfort your heart.) So when we’re in distress, Leaving a place with only memories ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app is a good choice. Instead of returning home to find only things and appliances A place to miss Setting aside time to exercise, focus on your interests, and set goals with other things can help alleviate sadness. Without the need to go out and do heavy exercise.

As for the reason why many people succeed in doing things that seem difficult, in fact, the various activities are all fun and interesting. Ordinary runners who don’t start running from sadness end a marathon. Or many people finish triathlons. Going to exercise It’s like opening another door that will allow us to find what we like.

Q: Exercise Is it related to the mind? So how is it related?

Exercise forces us to concentrate. Focusing on other things can help you forget some things. But the important thing is Exercise helps the various systems. Our body works normally. People who are sad may experience symptoms of not being able to eat, not being able to sleep, and their body deteriorating and becoming weaker and weaker. But if you get up and exercise, the simple explanation is that it forces you to be hungry. Make us tired So it’s easier to fall asleep.

which if explained according to scientific principles is while exercising The body makes various hormones. Can work normally There is a substance of happiness coming out. Break down stress hormones which various hormones It affects our thoughts and behavior. When the hormonal balance improves Our mental state has also improved. Importantly, exercise helps with self-confidence. We will love ourselves more. And when your figure improves, your face looks bright, you are happy and meet new people. It makes us find that we still have good options. Many more are waiting. We just start by loving ourselves first.

Q: And if you want to get rid of your sadness quickly? What kind of exercise can help?

In fact, every type of exercise affects your mental state. and is beneficial to the whole body We can divide them into 3 main types as follows:

Do aerobic exercise or exercise that uses large muscles to work continuously. Until we breathe harder The heart beats faster, such as walking quickly, running, swimming, cycling. Importantly, it doesn’t have to be an exercise with a clear pattern. Making your daily life more active is also effective. There is no need to overdo and exercise hard. Only exercise at a moderate level of fatigue. (Can’t sing but still able to talk) for 150 minutes or more per week, pay in installments at your convenience.

Exercise to build strength It is an exercise that uses resistance such as weight training, exercise, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. It helps to strengthen muscles and bones. Make your shape better Skin is firmer and looks younger.

Exercise to increase flexibility, such as stretching your muscles and yoga because while doing it you will have to control your breathing. Increases nerve activity in the parasympathetic system. which will work in terms of relaxation (Like when we meditate both in the short term after stretching and in the long term) so after we finish stretching The body will enter a more relaxed mode. decreased heart function stimulates digestion increase good hormones, etc.

Q: Ask for special advice on exercise. For people who are sad, heartbroken, depressed or in distress.

Currently, many guidelines for treating depression are Exercise is included as one of the tools of treatment. Even though it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will get better. But proper exercise has almost no negative effects on the body. Which in normal run forget your sadness people who have not yet had a problem Exercise is like prevention. Building immunity helps us to have a strong mind already.

As for people who have problems I want you to start off easy, because if you go too hard you might end up with fatigue and a feeling of excessive suffering While exercising. You may experience symptoms of fatigue, pain, and illness, resulting in a bad experience. Until I don’t want to exercise anymore.